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Women's Writes Today I'm Wiser Programme

Nov 7th 5pm & 7.30pm

A Thousand Eggs by Farah Najib.

Two friends sink into a pit of existential despair. One too many joints and a frank conversation with a robot leads to the realisation that their bodies’ resources are decaying.

Directed by Zyrenka Cox. Starring Emma Zadow and Ella Hunter Clark.

Emma Zadow Head Shot (2).jpg
Ella Hunter Clark.png
Headshot Oct' 21.FarahNajib.jpg

Everything by Alex Critoph. 


A woman’s life is changed forever when she rockets into space. As she places her thumb over the earth, has she found what she already had? 


Directed by Beth Wilson. Starring Bryony Miller.

AlexCritoph. Writ_Producer.png

Reclaim The Night written and directed by Melissa Kelly Franklin.


A woman with bloodlust for revenge has an unexpected realisation – that perhaps there is another path that could lead her out of the night?


Starring Leah Harvey and Danny Horn.


Composer/ Sound Design Tom Sochas, Internship Daisy Parker 

Danny Horn 1.jpg
Melissa-Kelly Franklin.Writ_Dir.jpeg

Lighting and Sound Design & Show Operator Jonny Ryan

Photographer Heba Productions

With a special thanks to Bathway Theatre for offering in-kind rehearsal space and to everyone at The Arcola Theatre

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