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You can read more about the Online Festival and Women's Writes Playwright Martha Watson Allpress in her Q&A in The Stage. You can also find out more about Women's Writes core aims from this Stage Opinion Piece with creator Alex Critoph

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We were psyched that the 2021 Online Fest was included in the Guardian's 'Hottest front room seats; the best Theatre and Dance to stream online' roundup. 

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The Online Fest was named 'Politically and socially imperative for today's audience' by London Theatre Reviews

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Women's Writes playwright Srabani Sen spoke on BBC Radio London's Sunny and Shay show about her short play Tawaif and the 2020 International Women's Day fest at The Arcola Theatre

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For our International Women's Day show at The Arcola Theatre in March 2020, DIVA Magazine said you should *probably* spend it with us. And named us an 'empowering start to 2021' for The Online Fest.

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In 2022 we were featured in Issue 7 of Disgraceful Magazine which zoomed in on female founders. Alex Critoph talks about future plans for Women's Writes and overcoming challenges...

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Women's Writes receives hundreds of submissions, check out this 2021 article which discusses trends.

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