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All That Glitters

All That Glitters written by Alex Critoph played as part of Women's Writes Fest at VAULT Festival 2023 in a short version starring Starring Ella Hunter Clark (Casualty and BODIES (Netflix)) and Directed by Jess Millward (Fritz & Matlock, Edinburgh Festival Fringe, The Pleasance Courtyard and London (OFFIE nominated), I Can’t Hear you, Theatre 503)


Jessie's got everything sorted. So when her friends hear that the Fab 5 are coming to London they lie about her perfect life in order to get her a spot on her favourite show. However, as she starts to dismantle everything it unravels in a way she never imagined...

Ella Hunter Clark, VAULT Festival, Women's Writes
Jess Millward, VAULT Festival, Women's Writes
Alex Critoph, VAULT Festival, Womens Writes
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