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Looking for contributors...

Are you a female-identifying theatre artist with a unique skill?

Women's Writes are looking for tutorial contributors in the topics of; playwriting, directing, producing, marketing and other related fields. The online tutorials will last around 45 minutes, will be pre-recorded and will be featured on the Women's Writes website for our community to purchase and learn from. 

If selected, you will need to be able to film your 45 minute tutorial from home,  and be happy with your video being on the Women's Writes website. The contribution fee will be £40.00.


You must have a clear idea of what your specialism is and what you will cover in your 45 minute tutorial. Maybe you're a playwright and you want to demonstrate the best way to redraft a play? Or, perhaps you're a social media whizz and you have some advice for theatre companies? Whatever it is, we want to hear from you!

A Young Woman Writing

If you've got a skill you can't wait to share with other female-identifying artists then send the following to womenswritessubmissions@gmail.com 

1) A short biog of no more than 200 words

2) The topic of your tutorial and what you will cover

3) Create a 10 minute taster tutorial video

Make sure you set up the camera somewhere with good light ie: next to a window with a neutral background. For best results and so you can record your screen as well as yourself (So you can film resources like scripts) use QuickTime Player. 


Unsure how to do this? Click show me how... 

Once you've made your taster video upload it to dropbox or youtube and share the link in your email.

The fee for one contributor video will be £40.00 and deadline to apply is the 6th of June 2021.